Monday, December 24, 2012

Kadai Paneer

Whenever, I go out to eat Indian food, Kadai Paneer is one dish, which I always order. It is paneer cooked with tomatoes and bell peppers and flavored with coriander and red chilli. And for cooking at home, I have a recipe that is my preferred homemade version with flavors of freshly pounded coriander seeds and red chillies. You can read the recipe on the Fox news website.

Kadai is a curved deep cooking potlike pan which is used to simmer curries and stews. Kadais are available in almost all Indian kitchens and are used for a variety of tasks like deep frying, sauteing or even roasting dry ingredients. You could almost think of them as being the Indian version of the omnipresent stockpot.

The ones that are made of iron give a dish cooked in it a distinct flavor and is also one reason that the word Kadai is pre-fixed to the dish's name.

The recipe is easy and simple to make and goes well with lentil and rice. You can also have it with paranthas or naan. And if you prefer or if you are unable to find Paneer, you can use extra firm tofu instead.