Parul started cooking as a little girl of five watching her mother and aunts create delicious dishes out of recipes passed from one generation to the next. She vividly remembers the slow simmer of curries, the measures of rice and flour, the heat control and all several little nuances, that have remained ingrained with her till today.

Cooking has been her passion for long and she has always ventured to master the Indian style even modifying it to suit modern tastes. She has been cooking most of her adult life and found that it still excites her just as it did when she was learning to cook with her mother. Cooking for her is a like a secret love affair. Recipes, techniques, books, cookware, cooking classes, and of course restaurants are all her guilty pleasures that she has nutured more than she realizes. She can read cookbooks like novels and pores over recipes going through the details like a seasoned detective looking for clues and hints in the ingredients.

On this blog she focuses on presenting real Indian recipes that are based on ingredients used in everyday home cooked meals. She also wants to remove the fear factor that people associate Indian cuisine with. At the same time dispel the belief that it is spicy with heat, since in these recipes the spice is always for flavor and healing the body. Currently she lives in New York with her husband and two kids recreating her mother's magic touch in her own kitchen.



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