Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cheesecake Factory Brunch

 1 Maple Avenue White Plains, NY 10601
(914) 683-5253
Some years back when we were in Honolulu, we had been a bit pressed for finding vegetarian food. Not knowing the local area that much and also since we were exploring the natural surroundings more and returning to our hotel always late at night, we only wanted to walk a few blocks to find a good meal. It was then that Cheesecake Factory had come to our rescue.

And this past weekend we decided to re-live those moments but at the nearby location in White Plains right next to the Westchester Mall. On Sunday morning, there was not much of a crowd for the brunch time and we were promptly at our table looking at the full menu.

The Sunday brunch menu options are not available on their website, but were with a lot of selections. We had in mind to try some of the 'diner' kind of preparations and not the cheesecakes however tempting they looked in displays. The French toast with strawberries arrived dusted with sugar and fresh cut fruit on top. It tasted nice and I would say a bit like an upscale diner fare.

The blueberry pancakes came three to a plate. With the maple syrup and blueberries, these were well tackled quickly by the kids. Given the restaraunt chain type of feel that Cheesecake Factory has, the pancakes tasted quite fresh. The serving sizes here are on the larger side. The portions are good enough for two people and for a couple out for lunch, it would be convenient to order two dishes and share.

The omlette stuffed with bell pepers, onions and mushrooms came with a side of toast and potatoes. The potatoes were partially crisp but without much seasoning except salt and pepper. I have had better at other places.

To see a latte being served in a glass mug was a bit different feeling, but it was ok enough to close out the meal. The double esspresso could have been a bit stronger to my taste. In all, for a brunch menu at this place, there are several other options that will beat any higway diner fare in quality, taste and presentation. I also think that given the streamlined business they run you would find the same brunch menu at all locations.