Sunday, September 23, 2012

Meli - Melo

362 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830
(203) 629-6153

Looking for breakfast options in downtown greewich I came across Meli-Melo which means hodge-podge in English. The last time I visited this place, it was a smaller shop, but now it has been converted into a wide open spacious location with large picture windows that open out for that al fresco bistro feeling. And on a bright sunny morning it was quite inviting.

Inside they were playing French music, which I think was a great idea. It made the atmosphere feel lively and happy. This place is a well known patisserie and creperie. It was quite natural for me to start the breakfast with a nice red fruit and cream crepe, which came with a white cheese sauce and red fruit coulis. Fresh tasting, and with just right sweetness this crepe is to be enjoyed with a nice cup of coffee.

And a piping hot cappuchino matched up very well with an almond crossiant on the side. Somehow, I have always had cappuchino that is well prepared but is cold owing to the milk froth. Our server, however delighted me in having it made really hot. It made my day.

The almond croissant was very flaky and I was told that these are prepared daily early in the morning. This one was with sweet almond and honey filling. I could taste the freshness in each bite. Crusted with thinly sliced almonds this was served in quaint french motif plates.

Feeling a bit more peckish, I opted for the Pesto Omelet with baguette toast and salad on the side. Complimenting the sweetness of the crepe and the almond croissant, the omelet's mild and pleasing preparation added the required completeness to this filling breakfast. There are several other options in the eggs section, that will need another visit.

And same goes for the pastry selection. Attractively priced brioches, cheesecakes, chocolate eclairs all seemed to jostle for attention in the display. The pictures I took below are tempting me even right now to just make a stop for the sweet fares or perhaps just savor them one after the other.

There are eclairs and tarts enough to give any one's sweet tooth more cravings. Next time surely I will be taking some home, though I doubt they will last the drive back.


Thursday, September 6, 2012


1522 First Avenue, 80th Street, New York, NY
(212) 249 5009

When I read about V-note, it was described as an 'organic wine bar' serving 'vegan' cuisine. Set on the upper east side. At first glance it looked more like a relaxed lounge setting with modern art on its walls. For early dinner time, it was well occupied and we were soon seated on a curved sofa with a circular low table adorned with comfy cushions.

Looking down the menu options and the descriptions I saw several enticing options. I selected the 'pistachio and pepper dusted tofu' which when came looked like a piece of art. It was served with a roasted root vegetable filled crepe, lemon truffle emulsion and topped with frisee salad in a red beet vinaigrette. Completely delightful in the multiple flavors that came with each mouthful this was one of the tastiest version of tofu I have ever had.


The other dish I tried was the eggplant parmigiano, which was good old baked eggplant and cheese topped with parsnip strips in a cashew cream. The delicate flavors presented artistically was a sight for the eyes and for the palate too. This is one parmigiano that I will go back for seconds.

A side of fries should also be mentioned. Every restaraunt kitchen can create the omnipresent tuber, but here too the outcome here was well made and seasoned finely. They too were cleaned up fast.

This is one vegan restaurant, which I would love to visit soon.