Thursday, September 6, 2012


1522 First Avenue, 80th Street, New York, NY
(212) 249 5009

When I read about V-note, it was described as an 'organic wine bar' serving 'vegan' cuisine. Set on the upper east side. At first glance it looked more like a relaxed lounge setting with modern art on its walls. For early dinner time, it was well occupied and we were soon seated on a curved sofa with a circular low table adorned with comfy cushions.

Looking down the menu options and the descriptions I saw several enticing options. I selected the 'pistachio and pepper dusted tofu' which when came looked like a piece of art. It was served with a roasted root vegetable filled crepe, lemon truffle emulsion and topped with frisee salad in a red beet vinaigrette. Completely delightful in the multiple flavors that came with each mouthful this was one of the tastiest version of tofu I have ever had.


The other dish I tried was the eggplant parmigiano, which was good old baked eggplant and cheese topped with parsnip strips in a cashew cream. The delicate flavors presented artistically was a sight for the eyes and for the palate too. This is one parmigiano that I will go back for seconds.

A side of fries should also be mentioned. Every restaraunt kitchen can create the omnipresent tuber, but here too the outcome here was well made and seasoned finely. They too were cleaned up fast.

This is one vegan restaurant, which I would love to visit soon.