Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunrise Pizza

7 Purdy Avenue, Rye, New York 10580
(914) 967-8696

If you want to have the best pizza crust north of the city in Westchester there is one place that I have been frequenting for the past five years. Without fail it has proved absolutely accurate on the taste, crust, freshness and options that any pizza maker offers. Nested in the corner of downtown Rye, the Sunrise Pizza place is like the neighbourhood standard. The owner knows the customers and likewise.

When we visit, we like to split the pizza into two varieties so that we can enjoy more. This time it was Margherita and Veggie. Both sides were equally tasty. The cheese is always fresh just like the veggies. It is the crust and tomato sauce that has me going back there even if I am standing next to another pizza place and Rye is a good half an hour drive from where we live.

The pizza crust is neither too thick nor too thin. Baked per your order the cheese and the veggies come out hot and spread well on the pie. One other special favor the staff does is that they give you a side of minced garlic in olive oil, that when drizzled on the pizza provides that extra garlic flavor to any pie you are eating. I took a picture of the last slice, which my Husband does not mind eating the next day also, since this pizza is like not any other and it will still stay fresh and tasty overnight.