Monday, June 18, 2012

Neri's Bakery

31-37 Pearl Street, Port Chester, NY
(914) 937-3235

For the past few children's birthday parties that I have attended, I have been delighted by a most wonderful cake that is full of fruits and made with fresh cream. Most birthday cakes are often appreciated only for the color and design and are very often left un-eaten. But not these. At almost each party, I found myself and others taking second and third helpings. It should have been no surprise, as they were all from a bakery that is actually one of the largest in the United States and one that is extremly popular all across the northeast. Lucky for me that it is located right next door in Portchester.

This past Friday, I had planned to get a cake for my son's birthday and I drove up to Neri's retail store location which is right next door to their factory. They have a very wide variety of cakes ready for any event that you may have, and you will be tempted by the beautiful creations on display.

The fruit tarts looked as fresh as can be. Peaches, blueberries and strawberry combinations were all around. They also make fresh filled cannoli and eclairs in both mini and large sizes.

In New York and around the tri-state area, every bakery has some version or the other of the 'Tiramisu'. Over the course years, I have had many variations some that were eclectic and some not so much. Considering the size and scale of Neri's I was really delighted by their version. Light and soothing with the perfect balance of coffee, ladyfingers and mascarpone it brought out the layered tastes in every spoonful. They have a full size cake version which I did not take (I do need to watch my calories), but the small individual portion that I had was completely satisfying. Next time for a girl's night out, I will surely be getting one of these.

The assortment of cookies is mind-boggling. Too many to choose from. Jam dots, cholocate drizzled, sprinkles, butter, plain, sugar, anisette, black and white and several other Italian cookies made into the collection that I requested be made. Over the next couple of days, these made a nice accompaniment to my tea time at home. The kids were happy with the giant cookies studded with red and chocolate m&ms.

The cake selection consists of eight to fourteen inch varieties with single and double fillings. For the birthday we selected an eight inch chocolate mocha filled cake. Even though the cake was already well decorated, the staff was helpful and creatively wrote out my son's name and Happy Birthday on three large sugar cookies that they placed on the cake. It made his day with his friends later at the party.

Neri' also offers fresh baked pound cakes like marble and walnut. Try them out with a good cup of coffee.