Sunday, July 15, 2012


106 Lexington Avenue,  New York, NY 10016
(212) 684-6842

On Lexington avenue, around the 40th street area there are several restaurants that serve Indian food. It was with surprise that we walked into 'Singapura' which is a mix of South East Asian and Indian cuisine. For dinner, the place was packed when we called though the wait time was not too long.

Appetizers of spring rolls or fried dumplings are always de riguer for this type of cuisine and we did the honors by ordering both. Well prepared, they came in rectangular platters with dipping sauces.

The fried dumplings had mixed vegetables and mushroom filling. Both were well made and satisfying. You cannot go wrong with appetizers like these.

Lotus lamps hang from the ceiling in hues of red and orange giving soft light all around. The decor is subdued and quiet. The Chinese version of the abacus is placed several places along the walls next to the tables. My kids had a good time practising their addition and subtraction skills.

The vegetarian Hakka noodles were made with thick noodles and a good helping of carrots, bell peppers and green onions. The serving size was good for two people.

Noodles always go well with a sauce based dish and even before entering the place, I had known what I wanted to get. Vegetarian Manchurian, probably does not exist in pure Chinese cuisine, but the Indian version of Chinese food cannot have a menu without this.

Here too it was on the menu. Balls with mixed vegetable in a gravy sauce, this dish is one of my favorites. Flavorful and made just with the correct spice level, it was tasty and just as fulfilling as I could have imagined. The manchurian balls were so well made that they were melting in my mouth.

For me the chili paneer was a bit too chili. The staff was courteous and quickly fixed the dish making it much milder. This version came out perfect and was quickly polished off with the rice and noodles. An overall good experience and will be on our list to visit when we are looking for some fusion food.