Sunday, July 29, 2012

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

81 Bergen St (at Smith St)
Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, 11217
(347) 763 2979

And other truck locations in and around Manhattan
(718) 701- 1630

Ice cream trucks in New York are omnipresent in the summer months. And I am sure, you have tried many. In SoHo, the Van Leeuwen artisanal ice cream truck looks different and does stands out.

We found the truck in SoHo on Prince Street on a warm saturday afternoon. It is a light yellow truck with a simple ice cream cone and a coffee cup image. The truck has large open windows on all three sides and a descriptive menu board with all the flavors they have.

We tried three flavors, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Taking pictures became a difficult exercise, as the kids finished the vanilla and the chocolate ones with super speed. Only the Strawberry one was safe in my hands and the picture above shows the rich creamy texture of this ice cream.

They have the ice cream flavors which are really fundamental, alongwith some unique and special ones. None of these are comparable in quality and taste to the ones which are available in the freezer section of a supermarket. One spoon, and you will taste real french chocolate, real tahitian vanilla, and fresh new york strawberries.

They do have some other flavors which are not the usual. Earl Grey Tea flavored with Bergamot is one option I have not seen many places. The cinnamon one is also another option I will look to try next time and its description reads like another genuine creation.

Besides artisanal ice cream, there are on the menu small treats like donuts, cookies and fresh brewed coffee. Not a large variety probably just like their few ice cream flavors, but nevertheless high on quality.

On a side note, they use bio degradable plastic spoons and recycled brown paper cups. There is surely something about ice cream from these brown paper cups that gave it a more chic feel that is not at all out of place in SoHo.