Friday, March 8, 2013

Polpettina Homestyle Pizza Kitchen

102 Fisher Avenue, Eastchester, NY 10709
(914) 961-0061

Eastchester is quite close to us and we visit the shopping center quite often but have not ventured there for food. Browsing online, I discovered that not far from the main center but close to a largely residential area of Fisher Avenue there is a Pizza place that specializes in 'non-soggy' pizzas made from local ingredients. Intrigued I put it on my list for a try.

So, on a Saturday afternoon, done with shopping and feeling ready for a quick bite, we drove there. Polpettina as it turns out means a 'little meat ball' that is their main attraction along with the Neopolitan pizza. On the simply designed menu they have small plates, salads, pastas, pizzas and desserts. All quite enticing. There is also an extensive menu of beer for the beer lovers.

To get my kids busy, we try to order something quick and often it is the fries on the menu. Here the sea salt fries we ordered were really very very tasty and I could have polished the full order if it were not for the recurring gym class visions while I was munching on them. They were finely made and served in a tin baking pan giving them a rustic touch. There was another variety of garlic chip and herb, that caught my eye and I made a mental note of it for a future visit.

I also ordered something that I usually have not tasted at a restaraunt. It was side plate of roasted Brussel Sprouts. I have made these at home often with a simple recipe that calls for a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper only. Here  they came with a breadlike crust and flavors of garlic, salt and other herbs all that lent it a wonderful taste. It was a decent serving size for two people.
Since this was out first visit here and we were with kids the pizza we selected was their signature Neopolitan pie. True to the reviews, the chef here has mastered the art of making a pizza without making it soggy from the center. It was well cooked, crisp tasting with a very nice dough base. The tomatoes and cheese was surely locally sourced and sweet tasting. Each slice came out perfectly. On the menu there are other signature pies also - Fig, Marinara that come with different toppings. Perhaps they will be good for another day.